How to Make a Household Notebook / Household Planner / Household Organizer / Family Organizer

By Kristen
Content Updated on October 3, 2007
What is a Household Notebook / Household Organizer?

What is it? Why do you need one? And where can you get one?

Supplies You Need for a Household Notebook

Get your supplies together

How to Put a Household Notebook / Organizer Together

Steps to putting your supplies together into an organized system.

What You Should NOT Put in Your Organizer

Important things to leave out of your household notebook

Emergency Information

Make sure you have all of your emergency information in one quick-to-find place

Individual Information

Get quick access to important information about your family members and pets

Calendars and Schedules

Organize your day and your family's schedule

Phone Numbers and Addresses

You'll never have to hunt for an address or phone number again

Master Lists

Checklists to help you remember what you need to do


A place to plan and keep control of projects and goals in your life