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Free Printable Emergency Preparation Planners

By Kristen
Content Written/Updated on December 8, 2008

Household Notebook and Family Bulletin Board Emergency Information Forms

Kristen's Guide Emergency Section for Household Notebook Emergency Information Full Section

It's not uncommon to forget basic information during an adrenaline pumping emergency, so make sure you have all of your emergency info in one place.This ready-to-print section contains room to write down emergency phone numbers, the location of important items in your home (e.g. first aid kits, gas shut off, etc.), maps to important places (e.g. hospitals, vets, places of work, etc.), and even an evacuation plan. It's a must-have if you have kids or hire babysitters, petsitters, housesitters, etc.

Kristen's Guide Printable Emergency Information Phone Numbers for Household Notebook and Organizers Emergency Information Sheet -- Emergency Phone Numbers and Contacts

Keep all your emergency phone numbers in one place. Post it on your refrigerator, by your phone, or in your household notebook.

Kristen's Guide Printable Emergency Home and Neighborhoos Layout Diagrams for Household Notebooks and Organizers Home Layout: Locations of Emergency Supplies and Fire Escape Plan

Let your family members and guests know at a glance where important things are (e.g. first aid kit, gas shut off valve, water shut off valve, electric breaker / fuse box, etc.). Also make sure that everybody knows how to get out in case of a fire and where to meet up once outside. Do it all on a simple diagram of the layout of your home and neighborhood. Post them wherever you need them or keep it in your household notebook..

Kristen's Guide Printable Emergency Map and Directions Planner for Household Notebook and Organizers Emergency Maps and Directions

In an emergency, you don't have time to go online and download driving directions or to fumble with a maps. You need to know how to immediately get to important locations (e.g. doctors, police stations, schools, places of work, etc.). You also need to be able to quickly give these directions to others. So plan it out ahead of time, put it on paper, and place it in a convenient location. Then you'll be able to just grab the directions and go or give them to somebody else when you need to.

Kristen's Guide Printable Emergency Hospital Map and Directions for Household Notebook and Organizers Emergency Hospital Directions and Maps

You never know when you'll need to drive to the hospital at a moment's notice, or when you'll need to tell somebody else how to get there. Get your directions, draw a map, and put it in your household notebook / organizer. Now when you need it, it will be ready to go.

Kristen's Guide Printable Emergency Evacuation Plan for Household Notebook and Organizers Emergency Evacuation Plan

If you needed to evacuate from your house right now (such is if there was a sudden fire or gas leak in your neighborhood) do you know where you would go? If your entire city needed to evacuate (such as before a hurricane or during a nuclear accident), do you know which road to take to safely get out? Do you know any alternate routes? Find out this information now, and you'll save precious minutes if you ever actually do have to evacuate.