Writing: Art vs. Trade

By Kristen
Updated July 28, 2007

The Art of Writing

Writing is an art, without a doubt. You get to imagine everything, from characters and settings to actions and conspiracies. You get to play God and decide who will live and die. You get to invent things that couldn't exist on our planet. You get to play.

If it's the words you love crafting, rather than the story, you can lovingly choose just the right words and arrange them is just the right way to pull emotions out of your readers.

The Writing Trade

If you want to sell your work, you need to focus on more than just the art. You need to think about what the audience wants to see, what will sell, and what publishers and producers want.

A writer who refuses to pay attention to the market will have a difficult time getting into the market. If you don't write what readers want to read, then you're book won't sell. If your book won't sell, publishers won't publish it.