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Kristen’s Guide is getting a major update (a slow but big update). If you came here from a link from another website, are a fan of the site, clicked on an old bookmark, or clicked on a link on a page in this site that has yet to be updated, then the thing you are looking for (an old article or printable) may still exist! However, I’m working SLOWLY on copying all of this to a new database format rather than the old-fashioned clunky format (but I have a day job, so time is a scarce resource). The page you are looking for has been added to my list of “things to update first”, so I’ll get it up soon. Please check back.

What is this thing?

This site is currently a collection of notes, personal opinions, and ramblings collected over the years from my personal journals, some of which have been useful for other people. It is intended as a guide only for me, the writer (not to guide others). Any wisdom or knowledge you or anyone else gains from it is an unintended side-effect. Please do not rely on the information presented here as expertise (I provide other resources for such needs).

For more detailed info, read the About page.

Kristen Brooke Beck