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Kristen’s Guide started as a project in 2001 by me, Kristen Beck, to digitally consolidate journals, notebooks, and my other websites. It then became a way for me to share information and ideas with family and friends without having to send out multiple emails and respond to phone calls from people asking for “that thing you told me about” again. (This all started before social media developed into what it is today. Back then, we would just send emails to each other and forward them along or make websites and occasionally read what our friends wrote on their websites by using old fashioned bookmarks that we had to collect and backup on paper… uphill… both ways.) It was also my online journal and a way for me to figure out my beliefs and values.

Then other people started looking at what I posted and it grew into a thing with “fans” who would send me lots of messages and use my works in their professional lives (teaching classes and such). I did a big update in 2007 (which is why many articles and such have a post date of 2007, but lots of stuff here was written before then). It was fun, but life got busy, grad school started, servers changed, and I didn’t have time to keep up, so I put the site in hibernation.

I noticed people (not just crawlers and spammers) were still looking for web pages, and I missed having a place to share my random ideas, so I decided to start it up again and restore some of the old stuff. Links may get updated or removed, and some content will be deleted, and some old articles and printables and such may not get updated or re-posted at all. Some of the old articles are likely to have links to things that don’t even exist anymore and even references to things like VCRs, but I’m leaving them up for nostalgia.

This is not a guide for you. It’s a guide for me, the author. Don’t take any of this website too seriously, and certainly don’t take it as expert advice.

Kristen Brooke Beck