Why Should You Make a Filing System?

Content Updated on October 14, 2007

A Filing System Helps You and Loves Ones in Emergencies

The primary reason you need a good filing system is for protection. You never know when you may need your documents to protect yourself or your loved ones from financial or legal woes. You may:

  • need to prove that you’ve paid a bill, correct a bank error, or correct a credit card error.
  • need to have proof of legal events such as birth, death, marriage, divorce, etc. You may need to have proof of ownership and value in case one of your possessions is lost, stolen, destroyed, or in dispute.
  • suddenly have an emergency and need to find out exactly what benefits you have under your insurance plan or through a government program.
  • need to have a record of your medical history in case you or a loved one comes down with a mysterious disease.
  • die tomorrow, leaving your loved ones a pile of confusion and frustration to add to their grief as they try to settle your estate if you don’t have an efficient filing system.

A Filing System Saves You Time

A filing system will help you find what you need when you need it without having to spend hours searching through a box of unsorted papers or hitting a wall of frustration when the item you need just can’t be found.