Getting Rid of Clutter

Content Updated October 3, 2007

If you have a hard time keeping your home clean, you may just have too much stuff. It takes time to clean clutter. The more you have, the more you have to clean. Plus, a cluttered home, no matter how much you clean it, always tends to look messy. So start de-cluttering your world.

Pick a place to de-clutter

Closets, junk drawers, and bookshelves are usually the easiest place to start, but if you are more concerned about a more prominent area (such as your living room) it may be best to start there. Don’t feel that you must work on your entire home at once. De-cluttering your world is an ongoing process, so don’t bother giving yourself deadlines either (unless some important event that requires an attractive, organized, clutter-free environment will be taking place in your home).

Set up your sorting system

  • The “Trash Bag”
  • The “Recycle Bags”
  • The “Get Rid of It Box”
  • The “Return to Owner Box”
  • The “Errand Box / Basket / Bag”
  • The “Misplaced Box / Basket”
  • The “Undecided Box”

Plan on spreading out the work

Don’t try to tackle everything in one day. Just do something every day to make progress, such as one drawer a day or one shelf a day. Of course, you can always do more if you feel like it.