Setting Up Your Home Workstation

Content Updated October 3, 2007

There are lots of places you can use to set up a workstation. You can use a desk or a corner of your kitchen. A closet can be converted into a workspace by adding some shelves, baskets, bins, and bulletin and memo boards on the door. A bookshelf or large cabinet can be converted in much the same way that you convert a closet but doesn’t require you to permanently alter your home. An office is perfect; it’s an entire room dedicated to being your workstation.

There are a several things to consider when deciding where to set up your workstation:

It must be accessible

What’s the point of setting up a workstation if you can’t easily get to it to work at it. A converted coat closet in the front room may be a perfect place to set up your workstation while the hall closet usually isn’t as easy to get to.

It must not interfere with anyone else’s space

If you set up your workstation in an area where someone else will be sharing the space, you are dooming yourself to a conflict and an eventual argument. If you want to keep the peace, make sure it doesn’t get in anybody’s way. Lots of people like to set up a workstation in the kitchen. This is great if you have the room for it, but if you have a tiny kitchen or the cook likes to use your counter space, you might want to consider finding another location.

You must actually be able to see your workstation frequently

This is important for things like phone messages, appointments written on calendars, reminders, etc. If you set up your workstation in a place that you don’t walk by frequently, you probably won’t see those important messages. (If it’s out of sight, it’s probably going to end up out of mind.) An office is a perfect place for a workstation, but if you only go in your office once a day, you’ll probably miss important phone messages and forget to mail out things like bills. Try to put it in a place you are likely to see it on a frequent basis, such as the kitchen or living room. If you use a closet or cabinet, make sure that the doors can stay open most of the time or keep bulletin boards and memo boards on the outside of the door so important reminders will catch your eye as you walk by them.

It shouldn’t look sloppy

If it sloppy, you won’t want to use it. Plus, if it’s in a place where guests will most likely see it, you’ll want to keep it tidy just so they don’t think you’re an unorganized slob. Drawers, shelves, cabinets, bins, baskets, and attractive boxes will help you deal with this problem.