Figuring Out the Next Step

Whether we are planning a trip, career, hobby, relationship, or website, the question repeats, what is the next step? Every step is a first step in a new direction, and we are always figuring out which new direction we want to go. Even if we are choosing to stay right where we are, we are still choosing a direction. When someone asks me what their next step should be, I always wonder where is it they want to go. Since I ask myself daily what my next step will be, I frequently ask myself, where do I want to go? Some days the answers flow more easily than others.

When I decided to write this first post on this new version of my old website, that question kept popping into my mind: where do I want to go? Why build this new site at all? Why not abandon it completely?

And then I sat and waited for the answer.

I want to be able to have a place where I can share my thoughts beyond social media and journals. I want to find like-minded people by sharing rather than seeking. I want to build a guidebook for myself again, but this time filled with better wisdom.

And so, I took the next step.